Are You Assured or Insured?

April 6, 2017


Assure means to promise. Insure means to protect against.


Are you confident that you’re actually getting the insurance coverage you need? Even though an insurance agent says you’re covered, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Many agents “assure” clients things that are not actually “insured” in the policy. And just because an agent assures you it’s covered verbally, doesn’t mean it will be covered when the claim occurs.

Often, a new client will come to Mountaineer Insurance after having this kind of experience with their previous insurance provider. Misunderstanding and miscommunication about insurance policies can result in unexpected stress and frustration and people are left scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong.

“There have been times that a client’s previous agent has been the one to give them the false information or has written policies incorrectly because it was easier,” explained Jonathan Kyle, President at Mountaineer Insurance Services, “ what most clients do not realize is, despite what the agent says, if it is not in the policy language, coverage will not apply.”

Buying insurance through a company who isn’t reputable can be a disaster in itself. In the end, insurance companies don’t care what the agent implied or ‘meant’ to cover. “We have heard stories about agents who do not read the policies or even understand how insurance works in many cases,” said Kyle. Those agents are there to sell what the computer tells them to sell and it’s the same product to everyone. Other times, agents can be flat out deceitful and dishonest to clients and insurance carriers as long as they get the sale.

Buying a policy from a trusted agent and reviewing the policy in detail to make sure everything is clear and covered, is the best thing to do to protect yourself. Our reputable insurance specialists are here to get you the coverage you need and can understand. Call Mountaineer Insurance, your community insurance agency, today at 304-338-2902 for your free insurance review or visit us in Beverly, Slatyfork, Franklin, Elkins, Webster Springs and White Sulphur Springs.