Auto & Home

Our professional team will tailor an auto or home policy that is perfect for your needs. With Mountaineer Insurance Service you get the personal attention you deserve.


Car insurance plans protect more than just your vehicle. A great policy should not only protect your car, but passengers, other drivers, along with pedestrians, and property. The right coverage can also protect you from vehicle-related lawsuits as well!

The sheer number of variables to consider when picking a plan and insurance carrier can seem fairly overwhelming. But don’t stress over the myriad options and plans to choose from. Our friendly team of professionals makes finding the right car insurance plan easy and straightforward.

Mountaineer Insurance Services provides you with rates and plans from multiple carriers so you know you have the best coverage at the lowest price. We make choosing car insurance insightful and pain-free. We walk you through the best solutions available to you at the most competitive price that will meet your specific needs.




Your home is one of your most important investments. Why not find some peace of mind by protecting it? At Mountaineer Insurance Services we have plans for Homeowners, Condo Owners, and Renters. Protect your investments, inside and out, with a specialty home insurance plan built just for your needs.


Renters Insurance
As a renter, your landlord is required to carry an insurance policy. However this does not mean that your possessions are protected from accident or disaster. But there’s no need to worry. Mountaineer Insurance Services has customized coverage that works for renters.


Homeowners Insurance
Fire. Theft. Storms. Law suits from injuries on your property. Homeowners insurance protects your property from life’s unexpected events. Eliminate the stress of the unknown by purchasing an insurance plan that is right for you. Our team of experts will create a custom plan built to fit your individual needs and budget. Rest easy. Get your quote today.


Condo Insurance
If you own a condo you probably pay dues to a condo association. The problem with associations is that they typically only cover the outside of the building, the unit, and common areas. What’s inside the condo (all of your belongings) are not covered.


Farm Insurance
Broad and flexible coverage is important for both your personal and business needs. Whether you own or rent your equipment or premises, Mountaineer Insurance Services can help you craft the ideal coverage plan.

You are covered

Mountaineer Insurance Services is committed to serving the insurance needs of our community and the greater West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, and surrounding areas.

As an independent insurance agency, we provide our clients with the highest quality products and choices at competitive prices. We know that your needs are unique. That’s why we are dedicated to building custom plans that offer you the best protection at prices you can afford.