Are You A Coverage Conscious Consumer?

February 24, 2018


When choosing to purchase auto, home, life and health insurance, most of us have no idea how overall conscious coverage can affect peace of mind.

As we grow into adult life, we learn that a purchase of an automobile using a bank loan requires automobile insurance to cover the loan. The same applies to home insurance. In most cases a bank will not approve a mortgage without that liability being covered to safeguard the bank’s monetary investment.

As more and more people grow from residential to business, and simultaneously loans expand from residential to commercial, it’s easy to understand why a commercial lender will require life insurance to cover the liability of that loan.

By the time we have moved through this portion of our life, we realize that we have gathered around us a hodge-podge of insurance purchases that may or may not be the most effective coverage for what we need. We realize that we were not “coverage conscious”.

It really does pay off to be a “coverage conscious consumer” when it comes to insurance purchase. You may not always get the “cheapest” price, but be rest assured that companies like Mountaineer Insurance Services can offer an expert team that can help shape your coverage at the time you need it, and will be there to help you and your family grow into whatever future you foresee.

Whether it’s covering your first new home, the first new car for the oldest child or, as empty nesters, looking to downsize, remember that the company you choose will be with you as long as you need them.

Mountaineer Insurance Services wants to be that company, and with six locations within the state of West Virginia we can accommodate your needs.

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