Detect Water Damage Threats before they Become a Disaster

You wouldn’t dream of living in a home without smoke detectors, but most people don’t give nearly as much thought to a far more common threat to their homes — water damage from leaks or burst pipes.
 In fact, your home is six times more likely to be damaged by water than by a fire. And while most homes have smoke detectors installed, only a fraction have devices to detect water problems.

Water losses are a real challenge plaguing today’s housing industry. With one in 50 insured homes filing a property claim caused by water damage or freezing each year, this has become the second-most frequently filed homeowners claim. What’s more – water damage claims cost homeowners an average of around $10k and can take months to repair.

There’s a Water Detection Device For Every Home

Over the past few years, new technologies have surfaced – from DIY sensors to whole-home detection systems such as Flo Technologies – the creators of the innovative, whole-home detection and automated shutoff system, Flo by Moen™ – which enable a more comprehensive water mitigation solution. These devices have been tested and in this blog you’ll find our recommended devices for your home. Thanks to recent advances in water detection technology, it’s easier than ever to ensure your home stay protected from this costly and burdensome damage. Mountaineer Insurance Services is here to help you understand the key differences between the devices on the market today and which product may be a good fit for your home.