First-time homebuyers, electric vehicle safety and more

First-time homebuyers, electric vehicle safety and more

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Protecting What Matters July 2023


A happy couple talking to their real estate agent outside in a tree-filled yard at an open house.

In the market for a new home? Before your next viewing, read this guide to understand the house from an insurance and maintenance perspective.

Electric vehicle charging on a city street.
Reduce Risks Associated With Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle recalls due to self-ignited fires are making headlines. If you own or are considering buying an EV, you may wish to learn more about EV safety.

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Infographic keeping kids safe in the summer.
Keeping Kids Safe in the Summer

Summer is a perfect time for kid-focused fun and adventures. Keep children safe by following these tips.

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Blind justice statue in front of law books on a shelf.
Negligent Entrustment — Be Careful Who You Loan Your Things To

Loaning out your vehicle or potentially dangerous equipment? Be careful. You could be legally liable for damages caused by someone else.

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Homeowners stand outside the charred remains of their house that was destroyed by wildfires.
Avoid Disaster Scams
Emotions can run high after a catastrophic weather event. Contractor and vendor scammers are counting on this.
  • Give yourself time to think. Disaster recovery is a long process.
  • Be wary of door-to-door solicitations and contractors who try to rush your decision.
  • Never trust anyone who asks you to pay for work upfront.
  • Don’t believe contractors who say the government supports them. FEMA doesn’t endorse individual contractors or loan companies.
  • Call your agent for coverage help.
  • Report fraud.


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