I Need a Patch Day, May 21, 2021


The history of I Need A Patch For That Day is primarily the history of the word patch and all it has come to mean in our society. The term itself mostly refers to a small piece of something. This could be a small piece of land, cloth, or code, just to name a few options.

The term also refers to connecting two things together, like telephone lines or radio circuits. Yet another meaning for the word patch is ‘to repair something hastily.’ All of these meanings have been mixed and added together to result in the various uses of the word patch today.

While the most common use of the word patch used to refer to fixing something, specifically clothing, there’s a good chance the most common use today refers to software.

Whether you’re running a business, a website, or building a game, it’s likely that you’ve installed multiple patches or updates to your software. This term is used because a software patch is a small piece of code that’s used to cover up or correct a problem in the existing code.

Of course, there are other kinds of patches as well. Consider the eyepatch, often considered to be the easiest way to recognize a pirate outside of a peg leg. Are you trying to quit smoking?

Then you’re probably going to be using a nicotine patch to help you along. Getting ready to garden? Then you’re going to need to clear out a patch of land to work on! No matter what you do, there’s a good chance you’re going to need a patch for that.

The original idea for I Need A Patch For That Day came from Thomas and Ruth Roy – two people intimately involved in the travel industry. The pair realized that patches weren’t just helpful, but fundamental to people’s lives, for all the reasons we mentioned above. Patches, it seemed, were everywhere, and yet there didn’t appear to be any way to celebrate them.

I Need A Patch For That Day became quite tongue-in-cheek. People use the day to pay homage to them, but it has more to do with celebrating them as objects and the fact that they seem to be able to do anything – like Chuck Norris.

Do you have a cold? Well, there’s a patch for that!

Do you have a test coming up? Well, there’s a patch for that, too!

In fact, when you start running with it, you soon realize that there’s a patch for everything that irks you in your life. Patches cover up the things that we don’t want in life. They’re a veritable “kiss it better” you can apply every time you’re in need.
How to celebrate I Need A Patch For That Day

Start celebrating by making sure that all of your electronic devices have the latest patches for their software. Then you can go through your clothes and find out if they need a patch to cover any holes.

Done with that?

Now go see if you need to clear out a patch of the yard for a flower garden! Throughout your day, you’re sure to find a million different times that you really need a patch for that.

There are many ways to celebrate I Need A Patch For That Day that involves getting your hands dirty too. Patches, for instance, are a godsend when you have a puncture on your car or bicycle tire. All you need to do is buy a puncture repair kit, and you’re all set. Repairing a tire can provide you with an immense sense of satisfaction. Plus, you learn how to fix things while out on the road!

New tire repair patches are far more straightforward than their older counterparts. You no longer have to sand down the inner tube to create an adhesive surface, use a rubber solution, or press down for two minutes on the rubber patch while it dries. You can stick on new patches like plasters, and they work just as well.

If being a mechanic for the day isn’t your thing, then you can start making traditional patches for your clothes, blankets, and throws. Have a quick rummage through your kids’ bedroom doors and see whether there are any ripped or torn items of clothing. Instead of throwing them out, find a funky, colorful patch and get on with repairs. You’ll be amazed and the difference it can make. The same applies to your blankets and throws. You can fix ‘em up good!

If you don’t have anything requiring physical repair, you can celebrate by getting creative. Try to come up with some exciting ideas for how you might use a patch to solve pesky issues in your life.

What about a patch that puts more money in your bank account?

How about coming up with a patch that makes you super fit without having to go to the gym?

What about a patch that protects your home, auto, truck, farm, ransomware attacks, floods, RV, Boat, and more? Then contact Mountaineer Insurance and we will “Patch Your Insurance Needs”.