RV Insurance – Life after COVID-19

While Recreational Vehicles (RVs) can help you travel in comfort, it’s important to know what your insurance covers. There are many options available, so make sure you explore them all before making a decision.

Does my RV need its own coverage?

Purchasing RV insurance is the best way to ensure your recreational vehicle and all your possessions are fully covered.

While you can include your RV on your home or auto policy, that doesn’t mean your RV is completely covered. For example, if someone steals items from your RV but not the vehicle itself, your home or auto insurance policy may not reimburse you for your losses.

How much does RV insurance cost?

RV values can range widely, so the cost of coverage can, too. Some coverage can cost as little as $65 a year while other coverage can cost $2,500 annually. However, RV insurance averages $550 annually for a motor home and $250 for a nonmotorized trailer.

Other variables that determine coverage costs include:

  • Driving record
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Credit Score
  • Number of days you plan to use your RV

Should I add extra coverage?

Again, this depends on your personal situation. Some additional options many people add to their RV insurance include:

  • Pet injuries
  • Trip insurance
  • Vacation Liability
  • Personal Effects
  • Roadside Assistance

If you need RV insurance or would like help determining what should be included in your policy, contact Mountaineer Insurance at 304-338-2902 or email Jonathan@mountaineerins.com.